NatPrac Events - about us

NatPrac Events

promoting education in natural health for

  • professionals:- furthering practitioner education in clinical application
  • students:- supporting and preparing students for clinical practice
  • social networking:- for practitioners and students from all modalities
  • healthy life:- individuals and families in the community seeking more information.

Our vision

  • For Australian Natural Healthcare practitioners to be recognised as the best educated, clinically experienced and most widely accessible in the world.
  • For Educators in the Natural Health industry to be consistently sought after in Australia and oversees due to their expertise and experience
  • For those people in the community on their particular health learning journey to have access to educators and practitioners who will provide them with relevant and topical information to support them and their families, at a range of public seminars.


Our mission

  • To provide a broad range of professionally run, interactive educational events and content to Natural Healthcare practitioners, students and community members seeking information in regional Australia who may not otherwise be able to access these programs and events.

NatPrac events and sponsorship team

Carla Hanlon

B.HSc. (Naturopathy)

Event Director

Carla has been in both retail and private clinical practice for the past three and a half years applying the principles of holistic medicine to her clients. Clients have shared their in-depth health (and life) history so Carla can get to the root cause of their presenting symptoms and design an effective therapeutic strategy.

In 2017 Carla designed and marketed a Client Health timeline app called “HealthConnect”.  Each of Carla’s clients completes the health timeline questionnaire prior to a consultation. This tool assists Carla to identify potential lifelong contributing factors in their current health status and assists in overall case taking and evaluation.  She is currently re-branding this to “YourClientHx”.


Carla enrolled in a Health Science Degree after being inspired by the profound effect herbal medicine had on improving her health after suffering severe adrenal fatigue in 2009.  She spent the next five years studying and developing the knowledge and passion she has for healing people today. Carla also has an extensive business background in media marketing, conference and sponsorship management and was Program Chair of the Annual Meetings Industry Association National Conference in 2008.  It seemed to be a logical progression to blend these two key skillsets to produce events for the Natural Health Industry.

Sally Bayliss

PGDipBus (Mktg) | NZIM Bus Mgt

Event Director

Sally has worked in business and service marketing in corporate, local government and small business in both Australia and New Zealand.

Sally is a seasoned results driven strategist that incorporates her love of technology and innovation to deliver marketing, events and community and stakeholder engagement.

In 2012 Sally was faced with multiple family health challenges and turned to natural health for the answers. She has never looked back and now through NatPrac Events shares her knowledge and experience to benefit both professionals and communities.